New York, New York

Today the two weeks trip to USA ended. A friend asks me how the experience was, and all I could say was, ‘Spiritual’. When I reached NYC, my brother told me that I was going to see how concrete can be beautiful. Well, he was right.

Beautiful city. Anyway, you could notice two things about this picture; I didn’t get to absorb all of the city in this first trip (much of it is black and white), and that I got a DSLR that lets me cook up deeper interpretations after my random photography session. Well, I also think that the way the picture is selectively coloured , makes it perhaps more beautiful than a completely coloured version.. But I am yet to discover much of this city’s faults.

The concrete there is beautiful, but not enough to distract me into a life reevaluating mode; its people and culture are. Everyone is the boss at the little thing they are doing. Even the road worker diverting the pedestrians from a path in the way of construction doesn’t seem to think that his job is boring. In fact, I feel cruel to be judging his job which he was doing with an energy that almost seemed planned, but hey! this was new to me. Well, one wouldn’t be too surprised to know that the people who built the biggest economy have that sort of a work culture. What did surprise me was, how in a fast paced city like NYC, they ..and it is fast paced like crazy by the way..they don’t cut out on the courtesy two seconds smile to the stranger waiting along at the store. I was led to believe, by many back home, that the American political correctness is too superficial. But that didn’t seem to be very true in my experience. No, they were not just polite, they were categorically helpful. A lady checking out of the subway stops and uses her pass to let the struggling foreigners in? Foreigners who hadn’t even made an eye contact with her until the offered help? Who are these people! (and we weren’t even struggling that much) And no it wasn’t just this one lady. This went on. This pleasantly anachronistic culture made me fall in love with its home immediately. The city lets you be, and therefore, I believe that if people could logic their way out of patriotism, they’d be here. A genius would rather invent here than not somewhere else. An artist would rather portray here than not somewhere else.

I visited Yale for a few hours, on my last day at NYC. I met my brother’s friends there. As dwarfed as I felt in their presence, I realised that this place and they deserve each other. And maybe it was just a caprice for the world that seemed so perfect in the moment, but I did feel strangely belonged.



View from the Empire State Building


View from the Urban theatre at The High Line


View from the Urban theatre at The High Line



It was a nice trip.


One thought on “New York, New York”

  1. NYC is tough and magical. The truth is, people are surprisingly kind. I remember one winter my car was buried under a blizzard of snow. I was stuck and couldn’t get my car out of the spot it was in, three different people got behind my car and pushed me right out. We stood there on the street and cheered. New Yorkers are willing to bond and help more than people realize. Great post!


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