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New York, New York

Today the two weeks trip to USA ended. A friend asks me how the experience was, and all I could say was, ‘Spiritual’. When I reached NYC, my brother told me that I was going to see how concrete can be beautiful. Well, he was right.

Beautiful city. Anyway, you could notice two things about this picture; I didn’t get to absorb all of the city in this first trip (much of it is black and white), and that I got a DSLR that lets me cook up deeper interpretations after my random photography session. Well, I also think that the way the picture is selectively coloured , makes it perhaps more beautiful than a completely coloured version.. But I am yet to discover much of this city’s faults.

The concrete there is beautiful, but not enough to distract me into a life reevaluating mode; its people and culture are. Continue reading New York, New York